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Quality sleep is an integral part of wellness. Many folks experience interrupted sleep, possibly due to a partner’s snoring. Others have a battle with the blankets – one person is too warm and the other cold. Does any of this sound familiar? Spending the hours in bed does NOT guarantee quality sleep. Quality sleep requires a person to reach the deep delta level of sleep where the body has a chance to recover, replenish, and rejuvenate – in other words, heal itself. This can only happen at the deep level of sleep. I highly recommend this new sleep technology for optimal sleep. I have listed a number of technologies that  promote optimal sleep. 


 In speaking with colleagues and customers who have experienced the sleep technology, I have asked if they would be willing to give up their sleep system. My answer was a resounding “NO NEVER”!!!!







From the first introduction to this technology, I had an almost unbelievable benefit. I had experienced a headache every day for 4 1/2 years after a car accident. I was sent for chiropractic treatment, physiotherapy, acupuncture and massage therapy but the headache persisted. Medication didn’t work either and gave me gastric challenges. Awakening the first morning after trying the sleep system, my headache was gone. How could simple sleep technology give me optimal sleep.? I didn’t need to know the science behind it, I just knew it had worked for me.

That same accident had initiated the kind of headaches that put you in a dark room, pillows over and under the head, no radios or tv on and family walking on eggs. I was experiencing 2-4 of that kind of headache each week. Once we got our sleep system, I have only had 6 in almost 22 years and it is always due to a sudden change in barometric pressure. I can be rid of it within an hour using some of Nikken’s other energy technologies. I still don’t understand the science behind it but do I care? No, I just know it works for me.

I am unable to guarantee you will get the same results, however, I have never met anyone in my  22 years who didn’t achieve benefits and better sleep from this technology. 




Personal experience


 – continued.

Our sleep technology for optimal sleep consists of a special pad you would place on top of your existing mattress. Cover that topper with your mattress cover and/or bottom sheet. The comforter would take the place of your blankets. I am unable to explain how effective being cocooned within this technology works, however, my hubby was always cold and I was always too hot. The sleep system evened out our needs so we no longer had hot and cold issues. Now, the pillow completely resolved my lack of sleep due to my husband’s nightly orchestra ( the term I used for his snoring and other annoying sounds) I can honestly say, I have never lost a night’s sleep since, in spite of what life has thrown at me.

Product Description

Our Wellness Home Packs are the perfect way to  move into a life of Active Wellness. You save significant amounts of money when purchasing any of the Packs, and also receive FREE shipping.  When items in each Pack are purchased separately, they cost  more.

Restful sleep has been proven to be one of the main components of maintaining good health. Since we spend approximately one third of our lives sleeping, isn’t it important to make your bed as comfortable as possible? Kenko Naturest Fit and Kenko Dream sleep products help put an end to tossing and turning. Try them and you’ll never settle for anything else. The twin Kenko Naturest Fit only weighs 5.5 pounds and the king weighs 10 pounds. This new topper comes in a bag which makes it super portable to take on vacation, loan to someone to try, take to the cottage – super, super easy so you never have to be without this technology.






























Sleep Mask



Twin Naturest Fit Pack #4441 – $897.80 Canadian – FREE shipping


1190  Naturest  Fit Mattress Topper  – $439.00 – Free Shipping                                             
1185 Kenko Naturest® Custom Pillow – $168.90
1175 Kenko Naturest® Custom Pillowcase – $49.30

1267 Kenko Dream Comforter – $347.90


Twin Dream Light Pack #4451 – $887.10 – FREE shipping


1190 Kenko Naturest Fit Mattress Topper – $439.00 – Free shipping
1185 Kenko Naturest® Custom Pillow – $168.90

1175 Kenko Naturest® CustomPillowcase – $49.30
1264 Kenko Dream® Comforter -$334.70


Full Naturest Fit Pack #4442 – $1,365.30 – FREE shipping


1191 -Full Kenko Naturest Fit –  $612.80 – Free shipping

1265 -Kenko Dream Comforter  – $487.40

1185 – (2) Kenko Naturest Custom Pillow – $168.90 each

1176 -(2) Kenko Custom Pillow Cases – 2/pack – $89.80


4451 – Full Naturest Fit Light Pack – $887.10 – FREE shipping


1191 – Full Naturest Fit – $612.80 – Free shipping

1268 – Kenko Dream Light Comforter – $497.10

1185 – (2) – Kenko Naturest Custom Pillow – $168.90 each

1176 – (2) Kenko Custom Pillow Cases – 2/pack – $89.80



Queen Naturest Fit Pack #4443 – $1,445.90 – FREE shipping


1182 Kenko Naturest Fit Mattress Topper – $701.60 – Free shipping

1185 (2) Kenko Naturest® Custom Pillow – $168.90 each

1176 (pair) Kenko Naturest® Custom Pillowcases –  2/pack $89.80
1265 Kenko Dream® Comforter – $487.40


Queen Naturest Fit Light Pack #4453 – $1445.90 – FREE Shipping


1182 Kenko Naturest® Mattress Topper – $701.60 – Free Shipping
1185 (2) Kenko Naturest® Custom Pillow – $168.90
1176 (pair) Kenko Naturest® Custom Pillowcase – $89.80
1268 Kenko Dream® Light Comforter -$497.10


King Naturest Fit Pack  – #4444 – $1684.30 – FREE Shipping


1193  Kenko Naturest® Mattress Topper – $878.00 – Free Shipping
1185 (2) Kenko Naturest® Custom Pillow – $168.90 each
1176 (pair) Kenko Naturest® Custom Pillowcases – $89.60 2/pack

1266 Kenko Dream® Comforter – $573.50


King Naturest Fit  Light Pack #4454 – FREE Shipping


1183 Kenko Naturest® Mattress Topper – $878.00 – Free Shipping

1185 (2)Kenko Naturest® Custom Pillow – $168.90 each
1176 (pair) Kenko Naturest® Customer Pillowcases – $89.60 2/pack
1269 Kenko Dream® Light Comforter – $581.60


















 sleep technology for optimal sleep – Kenkotherm Cocoon – $297.90







For sleep, warmth or relaxation, the KenkoTherm Cocoon offers compact convenience. Open it up and you have a queen-size bed comforter, a travel blanket or wrap for outdoor activities. Zip it closed for a snug sleeping bag. The KenkoTherm Cocoon is a portable expression of the unparalleled Kenko sleep experience.  







FEATURES AND BENEFITS – Product Description:
• Sixteen 700-gauss magnets in a spaced configuration, designed to replicate the magnetic field in our natural environment.
• When used as a sleeping bag, it completely envelops the sleeper.
• New heavy duty industrial strength zipper.
• New durable elastic strap to keep bag rolled up or to carry.

Magnetic technology

Cover 100% nylon, Lining 100% polyester microfiber, Filler 100% tourmaline-infused polyester fiber, 16 Ferrous magnets, 700 gauss each

Bed size:Queen (U.S.)
Open 66 x 80 in/168 x 203 cm
Closed 33 x 80 in/84 x 203 cm
Zipper 117 in/297 cm

Low temperature 45 degrees F/ 7 degrees    

Unzip to use as comforter or wrap, zip together as a sleeping bag.

Machine wash cold water, no bleach, gentle cycle. Tumble dry, low heat

































































































































Transform your night’s rest or any time into an extended power nap. The Kenko PowerSleep Mask includes patented DynaFlux® Magnetic Technology that produces an area of magnetic flux extending farther and penetrating more deeply. DynaFlux is the only design that can increase the magnetic depth of field without an increase in gauss strength. The PowerSleep Mask has a comfortable, washable surface and is provided with its own carrying pouch. Put together, this will give you optimal sleep.

• Patented DynaFlux® Magnetic Technology
• Eliminates light distraction
• Comfortable, soft fit
• Washable for easy care
• For better sleep anywhere

Patented DynaFlux® Magnetic Technology (U.S. Patent No. 9,265,966)


Microfiber, ceramic-reflective and tourmaline fibers, ferrite, elastic.

May be hand washed with mild detergent. Air dry at room temperature indoors or outside in a shaded area.


Six-month standard limited warranty.


Here is another video – about 15 minutes explaining Sleep Physiology click here

If you use an electronic medical device such as a pacemaker, or have a magnetically sensitive surgical implant, do not use or wear magnetic products. Women in the first trimester of pregnancy, or anyone who has a health problem should first consult a physician before using magnetic products. Do not place magnetic products in direct contact with magnetically sensitive items such as watches, audio/video tapes, credit cards, portable electronic equipment, etc. Do not use while driving or operating heavy machinery.