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If I were to ask anyone, which two of the five pillars are out of balance for them, I would receive a cross-section of answers.

We don’t realize how if one pillar is out of balance, how it can adversely affect the other pillars. If we are stressed about finances, for example, that stress can create additional stress within the family unit and create some physical challenges. These can also impact the “healthy mind” pillar.

five pillars of wellness


Silent Impact is a full service business, dedicated to helping you find balance in the Five Pillars of Wellness. Whether you have challenges due to trauma, lack of sleep, Chronic challenges, dehydration or finances, these are ALL important to you,. We are here to assist you to find some possible solutions that could help to make  your life less challenging. I make no guarantees. I will ask a multitude of questions and by listening to what concerns YOU, I will strive to help you find some potential solutions that ultimately may be of benefit to you. This may or may not be the solution you are looking for, however, you won’t know for sure until we have a chance to meet and discuss what IS important to you. My mission is to find out which of your five pillars are of most concern to you and then work on steps WITH you to find some answers. Most people have at least two that stand out prominently. We start with those and as we make progress with the main two, then we are able to branch out and consider the next pillar. The solution comes with a progression of steps together. My focus is helping you and with 23 years of working with people, I am confident we CAN do this together. I look forward to meeting you.

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Finding Balance in the Five Pillars of Wellness is Achievable. Shall we get started?

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