Ways to boost energy using these technologies all based on nature.












 Energy – a number of items packaged together – $1104.50 Canadian

The Energy Pack has items to use for a variety of challenges. They may help to give you more energy.  When you apply a product based on the influence and accuracy from nature – there are no toxic side effects.  All products listed here are based on nature’s energy.



These technologies serve multiple functions. Illustrated here are 14 products to use interchangeably for many different applications. People use them after excessive activity if they  have stiff or sore muscles. The items can also be used  having experienced some trauma to decrease the discomfort and/or swelling.  Many folks experience discomfort in their joints from a chronic challenge. People complain about having difficulty driving for any length of time or sitting at a desk working for hours on end  . There are so many different scenarios where these technologies could be applied. Are you standing all day at your job? Do you have situations where the adrenalin is pumping, you don’t think about good body mechanics? Have you ever ended up with a sore back or knee  discomfort from reacting to a situation without thinking about proper body alignment,? I am going  to address each item in the energy pack and the many potential uses. I never guarantee results, I can only speak from my experience and those experiences shared with me by my customers and/or colleagues. I would be delighted to work with you and ultimately have you share your results.  PLEASE NOTE: These items are just a cross-section of the many products we have.






















Nikken’s New Kenkoseat

 $300.00- Canadian

The KenkoSeat® II is designed to support you while seated and helps promote proper posture. The KenkoSeat II is engineered with 30 ferrite magnets, 18 tourmaline disks, spacer fabric, rear anti-slip rubber – working to produce a massaging effect.

  • Spacer fabric allows air circulation, helping disperse heat
  • Rubberthane technology combined with nodule surface provides massaging effect
  • Magnetic technology helps keep body in balance
  • Tourmaline technology provides sense of well-being and relaxation





  • Lightweight and flexible for easy installation on different chairs








New Kenkoseat 

Kenko Seat

NEW KenkoSeat – boost your energy when driving – $300.00






This item is useful in the car at your desk or on your  easy chair. When travelling, if you need to stay in a motel, take it in, put it on your bed and you will most likely feel more refreshed and energetic in the morning before you begin your journey once again.  So portable – it can go anywhere. Personally, I no longer have any challenges when required to travel up to 10 hours in a day. This item has been particularly useful for truckers who are travelling great distances on a daily basis. Many sleep on the Kenkoseat in their bunks. They have expressed they don’t experience stiffness in their backs or neck after a long haul. They have also expressed, when they have days off, they don’t spend the whole time recovering from their trip – they actually feel great, have the energy to spend time doing quality activities with their family.










item to use for a variety of challenges

$199.00 Canadian


The KenkoGround provides an energy source that we can feel even if we are not consciously aware of it.    Pay attention when you are barefoot on the beach or on the grass. Do you feel warmth? Do you feel a tingling sensation? Based on the discovery that “grounding” leads to Active Wellness, the KenkoGround is designed to help us connect to the Earth as a natural energy source. Direct contact with the ground (soil, grass, sand, ocean floor) gives our bodies natural energy to help restore our own healthful nature. 

The contemporary lifestyle often causes fatigue, sleeplessness, and a general feeling of being out of balance. Unlike our ancestors who were directly connected to the ground by their bare feet, we separate ourselves from nature by using and wearing non-conductive materials, e.g. rubber, plastic, artificial flooring surfaces, etc. In other words, our feet rarely connect with the earth beneath us.

    KenkoGround serves as an indoor and portable way to reconnect with Mother Nature. Simply plug it into a grounded outlet and use it under your  feet while working, on your mattress while you sleep or even draped around your shoulders. Direct contact with the skin is best. 

Features and Benefits
• Anti-radiation
• Anti-bacterial
• Anti-odor
• High quality construction
• Silver and nylon conductive fabric: 20% silver, 80% nylon
• Vacuum sputtering technology: releases silver ions
• Hydrophobic technology
• Top layer with water-resistant properties
• Helps lower stress, improve sleep, overall well-being
• Helps being overloaded with harmful EMFs (electromagnetic fields)

   Size: 18” x 36”

Weight: 254 g or 8.95 ounces

  Care Instructions: The conductive material is largely water-repellent, so we recommend hand washing with warm water and a mild soap or detergent. You may also choose to wipe with a damp cloth. Do not machine wash or dry clean. Do not twist. Do not wash with bleach, as it may tarnish the silver. Do not use fabric softeners, whitening detergents, oxi-detergents or detergents with oils, e.g. lavender or coconut oil.
Air dry outside, but not under direct sunlight.

   DISCLAIMER: Fading or discoloration spots are a normal part of wash and wear on the KenkoGround due to the presence of silver. This does not affect the conductive nature of the silver and the KenkoGround will continue to function in the same way.
Bleach, body lotions, softeners and oils may tarnish the silver thread, which could interfere with conductivity. Wait one hour before using the KenkoGround in direct contact with any skin that has applied lotion.

    WARNING: Avoid potential shock hazard. Do not get the KenkoGround wet while plugged in. Use an outlet checker to make sure your outlet is     grounded. Place the KenkoGround and cord in such a way that you will not trip when getting in and out of a chair or bed. Fabric is not flame-resistant:    keep away from open flame.

  Use of the KenkoGround may affect physiological functioning of an individual’s body in a variety of ways. Individuals taking medication to thin the blood, regulate blood sugar, control blood pressure or to supplement thyroid activity should consult their physician prior to usage, then monitor their medication after usage. An adjustment in medication may be necessary. Here is a very short video done when the KenkoGround was first released – it is only 1 minute – click here 

  Warranty: Six months standard limited warranty from purchase date against manufacturing defects. Warranty does not include normal wear and   tear or damage due to misuse.

RECOMMENDATION There is an excellent book called EARTHING – The Most Important Health Discovery Ever! This book explains the science behind this technology. it is written by Clinton Ober, Stephen T. Sinatra, M.D (cardiologist) and Martin Zucker. If you purchase the book, check to make sure it is the “second edition”. The second edition contains many testimonials on the benefits of grounding technology. The book is available in bookstores or online.


MSteps and MStrides

 items to use for a variety of challenges and to boost energy.

Both are included in the Energy Pack

mSteps and mStrides are amazing in addressing fatigue if required to be standing all day at your job.

mSteps – women’s – $91.00,  Men’s – $106.00 – Canadian

  Kenko mSteps® insoles feature energizing massage nodes, extraordinary comfort and patented DynaFlux® operation that acts like a magnetic field generator inside shoes. Patented DynaFlux® Magnetic Technology places magnets in polar opposition to intensify the magnetic field. As you walk, these components change position to produce a dynamic field of energy — and the multiple angles afford 100% magnetic coverage. The mSteps surface produces the refreshing sensation of a foot massage. Comfortable and strong, mSteps won’t absorb moisture or odor, are durable and long-wearing.

• DynaFlux places individual magnets in polar opposition (positive or negative poles facing each other) at several points
• Magnetic field is intensified, producing a flux path that extends farther from the surface
• DynaFlux is the only technology using permanent magnets that can accomplish this, without requiring an increase in gauss strength
• The multiple angles afford 100% magnetic coverage
• DynaFlux allows each magnet a precisely controlled degree of movement
• When applied against a surface, will cause slight shifts in angle, as the opposing magnets change position relative to each other
• Repeated action creates a dynamic magnetic field
• Raised surface points provide the refreshing sensation of a foot massage when walking, standing or sitting — all day
• Shock-absorbing material promotes increased comfort
• Low-density and high-density polyethylene is durable and long-wearing
• One pair supports wearers up to 275 pounds

Patented DynaFlux® Magnetic Technology (U.S. Patent No. 9,265,966)

 900 gauss

Ferrite magnets, low-density polyethylene, high-density polyethylene

Trim to fit and insert into shoes

Surface clean with a damp cloth moistened with a mild detergent or hand wash in warm water with a mild detergent and air dry.


Women’s – $89.00,  Men’s – $106.00 – Canadian

 Product Description 

  A major step forward in design and engineering, mStrides feature patented DynaFlux® Magnetic Technology and exceptional comfort. Patented   DynaFlux provides 100% coverage and intensifies the magnetic field for greater depth. With mStrides in place, walking creates a dynamic energy flow — in effect, a magnetic field generator inside shoes. The mStrides surface is long-wearing, does not absorb moisture or odor and is ventilated to stay cool. These are the most advanced and durable insoles in the world. One pair supports wearers up to 275 pounds.

• DynaFlux places individual magnets in polar opposition (positive or negative poles facing each other) at several points
• Magnetic field is intensified, producing a flux path that extends farther from the surface
• DynaFlux is the only technology using permanent magnets that can accomplish this, without requiring an increase in gauss strength
• The multiple angles afford 100% magnetic coverage
• DynaFlux allows each magnet a precisely controlled degree of movement
• When applied against a surface, will cause slight shifts in angle, as the opposing magnets change position relative to each other
• Repeated action produces a dynamic magnetic field
• The mStrides insole acts like a magnetic field generator in your shoe
• Low-density and high-density polyethylene is durable and long-wearing
• Does not absorb moisture or odor, to stay fresh
• Ventilated to keep you cool

Patented DynaFlux® Magnetic Technology (U.S. Patent No. 9,265,966)

800-1000 gauss

Ferrite magnets, low-density polyethylene, high-density polyethylene

Trim to fit if necessary. – a video with Dr. Michael Weintraub and his study about Nikken’s insoles



Kenko MagFlex


 This is an incredible product to use if you have lower back challenges. Support is here, in the new Kenko MagFlex®. This lower-back pad has contoured edges, flexibility and cool ventilation for all-day comfort. Plus, it’s the only back product with patented DynaFlux® Magnetic Technology. Apply the Magflex so that the surface with the attached magnets is against the body and the side with the embossed Nikken brand faces outward.

The Magflex has also been very beneficial for folks with chest and breathing challenges as well as abdominal cramping.

• Flexible lower-back support
• Patented Nikken DynaFlux Technology
• Dynamic magnetic field with greater depth penetration
• Magnetic over 100% of the surface.
• Lightweight, contoured design allows freedom of movement and all day comfort
• Ventilated for cool comfort
• May be used with KenkoTherm® Back Belt

Patented DynaFlux® Magnetic Technology (U.S. Patent No. 9,265,966)

Height 7.5 in/ 19 cm, Width 6 in/ 15 cm

600-800 gauss

Ferrite magnets, silicon rubber, low-density polyethylene, high-density polyethylene

Apply the MagFlex so that the surface with the attached magnets is against the body and the side with the embossed Nikken brand faces outward.

Clean with a damp cloth moistened with a mild detergent or hand wash in warm water with a mild detergent. Air dry.

One-year standard limited warranty.

Personal Testimonial – My husband and I used to experience tightening and spasms in our back on a daily basis. Often the discomfort would travel down our legs and cause grief when walking, bending or moving in certain ways. Once we purchased our KenkoFlex, neither of  us experienced this daily challenge again. The KenkoFlex can be positioned anywhere on the body where comfort is needed.

Just after we were introduced to Nikken, I had pneumonia. After seeing the doctor and having x-rays, it was determined I had broken a couple of ribs from extreme coughing spasms. A colleague recommended I put the KenkoFlex into a Kenkotherm back belt and wear it over the broken ribs. I did this and the healing process, as suggested by the physician, was reduced from 8 weeks to three. While wearing the KenkoFlex in the belt, I was able to take deep breaths ( very important if you have pneumonia) without the broken ribs causing grief.  This was another win in my mind. We make no claims here, just relaying a personal experience.

A friend of mine has a daughter who suffers terribly every month with her menstrual cycle. The KenkoFlex on the abdomen has made a “huge” difference to her daughter’s comfort level and allowed her to stay off the over the counter cramping medication. No guarantees but definitely worth a try.



MagDuo  – $93.00
Fits in a pocket or purse for instant usage while on the go. This item is easy to use for a variety of challenges.

Truckers have found this helpful to keep within easy reach. They are turning their heads so often to check their mirrors, they sometimes build up tension in their neck and shoulders, Using this when stopped for a stop light or any other reason, helps keep their neck and shoulders loose.

TESTIMONIAL: I used to experience debilitating headaches, however, if I feel one developing, I use the Magduo all over my head, neck and shoulders. By doing this, I don’t experience the headache that used to put me to bed in a darkened room for at least 24 hours. It is a pro-active approach. This small item can be used for a variety of challenges.

Product Description

Compact, portable and a quick, effective means to have a relaxing massage experience. This advanced pair of massaging spheres can help you feel relaxed and re-energized , in minutes! 

• Helps ease tension, relieve stress
• Patented DynaFlux® Magnetic Technology replicates forces in nature
• Non-invasive massage nodules stimulate and relax muscles
• Compact size, goes anywhere and can be applied to any part of the body
• Carrying case allows rotation of spheres for a rolling massage

Patented DynaFlux® Magnetic Technology (U.S. Patent No. 9,265,966)

Resting 800, Active 1000

4.20 oz

Solid magnets, poly resin

To clean, wipe with damp cloth. Do not immerse in water.

Six-month standard limited war





included in the Energy Pack


 $25.00 per roll Canadian


Kenkotherm DUK tape stands for Dynamic Underlayer Kenisio tape. KENKOTHERM DUK TAPE comforts stressed muscles and joints and promotes greater freedom of movement. Wear KENKOTHERM DUK TAPE when exercising or under clothing — the stretchable, thin profile and flexible cotton composition affords all-day comfort. It can be cut to any length, with consistent adhesion from end to end. KENKOTHERM DUK TAPE tape is also designed to work well with a Kenko PowerChip® or PowerMini®, holding the disc in place where desired. Click here

• Provides support where needed
• Stretchable and elastic for a snug but non-binding fit
• Helps to ease muscle and joint discomfort
• Cool cotton fiber for breathability
•  Water-resistant

100% cotton tape, hypoallergenic adhesive

2in/5cm x 98 in/2.5m

Cut to fit desired size. For best results, adhesion is improved if corners are trimmed (removed). Tape may be applied without tension or stretched slightly for additional support. Apply cut pieces in the sequence indicated by numbers. There are a number of videos on Youtube showing different applications of the DUK and Kinesio tape.

WARRANTY: 30 days

Caution: Do not stretch the tape more tightly than is comfortable – such use can result in excessive binding or injury. The tape is designed solely for the purpose intended and in the manner instructed – any use on other parts of the body or in a manner inconsistent with the instructions is not advised, can result in injury and is at your sole risk. Discontinue use if the product causes soreness, redness or irritation. Instructions provided are for common applications. If you are unsure about your specific application, please consult a sports trainer or athletic support professional for more guidance. This product is not intended to replace professional medical treatment.

If you are interested in this tape, feel free to connect via our contact page and I will share a video with you done by a massage therapist.


 use for a variety of challenges included in the Energy Pack

$ $35.00 Canadian

Product Description

The Kenko Power Chip is an extremely versatile product and can be used for a variety of challenges. 

The Kenko PowerChip® includes patented DynaFlux® Magnetic Technology, which incorporates a series of small magnets set within a larger matrix that is also magnetic. A unique feature of this configuration is that at several points, the adjacent magnetic surfaces are in opposition. This acts to intensify the field strength and increases the depth of field. In addition, the multiple angles created by the DynaFlux® arrangement afford 100% magnetic coverage. The result is a compact yet extraordinary example of Nikken state-of-the-art design. The Kenko PowerChip® makes an ideal partner with KenkoTherm® support wraps.  



  TESTIMONIAL: A friend of ours, had a granddaughter who had breathing challenges and was unable to participate in gym class at school. She also very much wanted to be able to partake in the swim team. She was quite young so her mother made a little pocket inside her t-shirt with a velcro tab closure. They inserted the power chip into the pocket and her breathing appeared to be much easier. As she got older, she put the power chip on a longer necklace and wore it every day. It was positioned over her chest, lower than a powerband necklace would reach. She was able to join her classmates in gym class as well as join the swim team.

• Patented DynaFlux Magnetic Technology provides 100% coverage
• Compact size fits in pocket or purse
• Polymer shell resists corrosion
• Durable construction
• Strong magnetic field

US: Yes CN: Yes

Patented DynaFlux Magnetic Technology (U.S. Patent No. 9,265,966)

Diameter: 4.2 cm, Thickness: 0.5 cm

Magnetized ceramic, ferrite, polymer

900-1,000 gauss

May be cleaned with a damp, soft cloth.

One-year limited warranty

 This chip can be worn on a chain or ribbon around the neck, secured in a pocket, used under the DUK tape or under our KenkoTherm wraps.


Kenko Power Bands



Wrist band – reg – $43.00, Large – $43.00;  Neck Band – $50.00    



Product Description 

Professional athletes, amateur athletes and thousands of other men and women have discovered magnetic bracelets. Many sport bracelets or necklaces include magnets, but Nikken combines this with ceramic and tourmaline — to provide a combination of high technology and advanced design. These items can be successfully used in a variety of challenges just by wearing them on a daily/regular basis. Many people state they have a notable increase in their energy. – see the features.


• As with all Nikken magnetic products, the PowerBand uses only static magnets, which do not produce the unwanted energy discharged by electromagnets.
• The silicone rubber core is soft and comfortable yet holds up to wear. A nylon outer shell is breathable and porous, to permit the flow of air.
• The lightweight design makes PowerBand ideal for wear during sports, and adds to its appeal with athletes and active people everywhere.
• The neat clasp holds PowerBand securely, but separates easily. Two or more Powerbands can be connected, to create a wristband, necklace or belt of any length.
• The style is equally attractive on men and women.

Magnets (800 gauss), nylon, silicone rubber, strontium ferrite, polyamide, tourmaline, ceramic, stainless steel


Neck 19.7 in/50 cm

Wash gently with warm water and mild detergent only. Dry with soft cloth.

WARRANTY INFORMATION: 1-year limited warranty

1.Wearing the Power Band either on the neck or wrist, appears to help keep discomfort at bay or at the very least, diminish the discomfort. I have a chronic condition on my wrist. I wear two powerband wrist bracelets which totally control my discomfort and have enabled me to avoid surgery. I make no guarantee you will get the same results, however, I have not met anyone so far that hasn’t achieved a benefit – what do you have to lose?

2. I have a client whose dog constantly had nasal drainage, apparently due to allergies. We linked two powerband bracelets together and within a day, the constant nasal drainage stopped. The owners were thrilled and the dog also appeared to be happier.

3.Personally, having suffered most of my life from debilitating headaches, I wear the powerband necklace every day. This appears to prevent those headaches particularly during a sudden barometric change when I “always” suffered and sometimes would need medical intervention. I went from having 2-4 per week to 6 over 21 years.


 KenkoTherm knee wraP 



Product Description – 

Medium – $50.00  Large – $50.00 – $73.00

KenkoTherm® wraps provide a contoured fit and support where needed. This support may enable you to continue an activity with more comfort and energy. The wrap can be used for a variety of challenges. We also have wraps for ankles, wrists, elbows and back. Easy to use, just slip it on and go about your daily routine.

• Each KenkoTherm support wrap is designed to conform to a specific area of the body , because no two areas are shaped alike.
• Orthopedic design provides the correct combination of support and flexibility.
• Hand washable for regular use.

WEIGHT: 0.10 – 0.30 LB

MATERIALS: Polyester fiber, cotton fiber, acrylic, polyurethane

Hand wash in warm water and mild detergent. Rinse thoroughly and air dry.

WARRANTY: 6-month limited warranty

Knee Wrap
#1824 MED 10” (L), 12-14.5” (CT), 10 -13” (CB)
#1834 LG 10” (L), 13-17” (CT), 11-15” (CB)
#1844 XL 10.5” (L), 15-18” (CT), 13-16” (CB)


   The products mentioned above, are 14 examples to help boost your energy and just a cross-section of available technologies to use for a variety of challenges. They are conveniently packaged together to save you money. They can be purchased individually, one at a time or save money with the pack. However, there are more, many more technologies available. I invite you to visit my site at  Click on the links and you will see the price before taxes and shipping. These prices are in Canadian dollars. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to be in touch via our contact page. Energy pack – items to use  for a variety of challenges, a great way to start – so many possibilities.