To be part of the Nikken Wellness Community, is an opportunity to surround yourself with positive people all over the world, who reach out to help others achieve a balanced life. There are several ways in which you can experience the benefits of the Nikken technologies. If you wish, you can earn additional income, but only through effort. You can be a retail customer, work toward achieving your Wellness Home all at once or one technology at a time and improve your health or a part-time consultant where you use the products, periodically share your results with others who you feel could benefit as you have and earn some additional income. You can also decide to build a Nikken business as a career or for extra income  and share Nikken with as many people as possible. The purpose is to help others have the healthiest life for themselves and their families. To become a retail customer, you can register for an account for FREE, get your own link to the Nikken website that contains all the products. You can order any item you desire whenever it is convenient for you. Your products will be delivered directly to you.


We have an amazing opportunity right NOW. You can become a consultant, experience the opportunity for a FULL YEAR for the amazing price of $20.00, what an opportunity. If you are enjoying helping others with the products and experiencing benefits yourself, in one year, you can renew. If on the other hand, it isn’t the best fit for you, just don’t renew. During your year, you have the chance to take full advantage of all the training offered and decide if you would like to build a substantial Nikken business. This enables you to purchase at wholesale but also to sell at retail. Retails sales are paid weekly. Whether part-time or business builder, you receive a website with all the products listed, a customer list so you can offer support, a list of your team members who you have offered the business opportunity and who have chosen to join you as team members and much more. As Nikken announces incentives for business builders and/or customers, they will be announced on your website. There are no guarantees of any specific amounts of money you can earn. This is NOT a get rich quick scheme but it is a profession, and like any other, requires effort.

All people joining Nikken as consultants receive training. This training may be provided by the person who introduced you or could also include other consultants living elsewhere. There is training on how to build your business, how to demonstrate the technologies, the ingredients in our amazing nutritionals and the purpose of each ingredient, and so much more. We are a COLLABORATIVE company, not a competitive company. If you wish to be a business builder, we  ALL help each other and by operating in this manner, everyone can win “provided” they want to move forward and are prepared to be taught and teach.  You can’t be in business for 46 years if you aren’t offering value to others.

If you choose to be more of a wholesale buyer with the periodic retail sale, that’s OK as well. You set your own goals and move toward them at your own speed. The training is still available, however, your income will be different than a business builder. The CHOICE IS ALWAYS YOURS – You will never be pressured to do what doesn’t feel right to you at the time. Should you decide later on you would like to become a business builder, just let your sponsor know and your additional training will commence.

Our business has evolved with technology so the majority of our training takes place online via the zoom platform. Zoom is a free platform where we can meet with customers and or business builders face to face, have conversations, do some training segments or just be making introductions for someone new. It means, when you come home from work, you aren’t having to gobble down supper, hop into the car again and drive to a hotel meeting. Don’t get me wrong, we do have hotel meetings but they are generally spaced out over the year and are “large” events. Consultants and people looking at Nikken come to these events and can number in the hundreds. These events are well worth attending if at all possible. However, this year, with the pandemic, no hotel meetings are taking place., we are however, having online special events which mimic a mini convention.

We have a very simple and straightforward compensation plan. You do earn commissions in addition to your retail sales as you build a business team. Nikken, each year, offers a number of incentives for people to use for their goal setting. There is a great deal more I can share if this is of interest. An opportunity to set an income goal and then be trained how to achieve that goal, is an opportunity many people wish they had but have been unable to find thus far. I myself have been with Nikken since April 1999 and have absolutely no desire to quit. Helping others to get results with many and differing challenges is so rewarding, I feel grateful to have had this kind of impact without bad side effects, but rather positive results  – Incredible experience I’m glad to have had and been able to share..

We all have a list of all the events taking place online. Many are recorded, so if it is impossible to attend a live webinar, you can watch the recording at your convenience. Some of the webinars are NOT recorded.

If any of this resonates with you, and you would like to explore Nikken as an income opportunity or to get a Free account, feel free to connect via our contact page. Please mention your interest re Free account or business building opportunity.

I look forward to speaking and/or meeting you.

Blessings to you and thank you for visiting Silent Impact.

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