about  Our  Service  To  YOU


Silent Impact is committed to providing the absolute best quality and SERVICE TO YOU,  my customers. Since I started over 20 years ago, my parent company has continued to provide state of the art advanced technologies derived from nature. These technologies could potentially improve your health, allowing you to become a self-care advocate for the benefit of you and your family. I promote finding balance in the Five Pillars of Wellness – Healthy Body, Healthy Mind, Healthy Relationships, Healthy Community and Healthy Finances. I have worked with people experiencing sleep challenges, nutritional challenges, joint challenges, trauma from sports or accidents, balance challenges, hydration challenges and much more. I like to meet/speak with the individual people who are experiencing any kind of challenge. I do ask a lot of questions but unless I do, I have no way of knowing how I can best be of service. If I am able to help I stay in contact,  so they know I truly care about their well-being. I am also readily accessible to my customers should they at any time, have questions or need support. We will do our utmost to serve you, however, we are unable to guarantee any specific results.

If this is of interest to you, I encourage you to reach out to me, let me be of service to you. Let’s chat, get your questions asked and answered. Let’s  see how I may be able to try and enrich your life to enable you to have the most amazing quality of life you so richly deserve.
My colleagues and I strive to help our customers achieve what we term A Wellness Home. This does not require renovations but rather results from including the Nikken technologies into the everyday environment, your home,  This can be done quickly, or over a longer period of time by introducing one technology at a time. The choice is yours and the support is here for you. This would  give you and your family the healthiest environment possible for promoting health and well-being. Think of how healthy plants are in a greenhouse. A Wellness Home is the human equivalent for healthy living. I look forward to meeting you, I am in SERVICE TO YOU.