Water Pack  #1  – $822.00        Water Pack #2 

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I have to say, the PiMag water is the most incredible water anywhere – great taste, filtered,  healthy, provides essential minerals, slightly alkaline and very hydrating.

Click Here for a very important short video on water- Done by Dr. Gary Lindner

Water packs are the most economical and efficient way to go if you wish to promote a healthy body. First off, we have the Waterfall – the large item in the picture. This is called a  PiMag Waterfall .   PiMag is Japanese for “living water”. It has been researched and developed from the elements of nature. This unit is totally portable and can go with you anywhere. It is not a fixed unit so you can take it apart, put it in the original box and even put it in the overhead compartment on a plane so you will always have quality water no matter your destination. It DOES NOT require plumbing or electricity. The main filter removes municipal chemicals, and so much more. I have documentation on what this unit removes – even 91% of lead. It also changes the molecular structure of the water so the water is “immediately” absorbed upon consumption. The stones on the bottom of the unit, put essential minerals for optimal health back into the filtered water. Most water is acidic, however, this unit will convert acidic water into alkaline water which is necessary for “great” health. If your internal system is acidic, the body tries  to reduce the acidity and the only way it can achieve reduction is to remove essential minerals from the bones and organs, thereby, giving potential to other health challenges developing. It is advisable to change the filter every three months and the stones once per year. You can put the filter on an wellness subscription which saves you on the cost of the filter. Your filter would arrive every three months. One extra filter is included in the pack so you can automatically change it at the three month timeline. 

The picture above shows the breakdown of the PiMag waterfall and the job it does without electricity or plumbing.


PiMag Pidrogen Hydrogen Generator – providing even more incredible water.

PiMag<sup>®</sup> PiDrogen Hydrogen Generator” width=”270″ height=”270″></p>
<p class=This was so popular when first released, we sold out and we are now expecting a new shipment in April.  Our new shipment has arrived. The stories about the benefits keep on coming in.

Product Description – $249.00

The PiMag® PiDrogen Hydrogen Generator transforms alkaline PiMag water into a source of highly concentrated, dissolved, natural hydrogen gas. When consumed, the water from the PiMag® PiDrogen supplies an abundance of antioxidants in order to assist in relieving oxidative stress and to help bring the body back into balance, supporting the maintenance of Active Wellness.

Hydrogen water is created when hydrogen is added to water by a process of electrolysis. The electrolyzer for the PiMag® PiDrogen Hydrogen Generator has Special Power Control Software (SPCS) technology that controls the input power and voltage, so that hydrogen-rich water can be produced continuously for each cycle.

The mini-generator is accompanied by its own 16 fl oz / 475 ml glass bottle. Because hydrogen is a natural gas, glass helps it to retain its potency for 24 hours, far longer than plastic, as well as minimizing the carbon footprint. The glass bottle allows you to drink directly from it.

• Rich source of molecular hydrogen: concentration of 800 to 1200 ppb (parts per billion)
• Exclusive programmed control system identifies hydrogenated process
• Fast cycle of six minutes with automatic shut off when ready for drinking
• Helps neutralize free radicals with antioxidants to relieve oxidative stress
• Lightweight, compact and portable

Product life is approximately two to three years (depending on use), much longer than similar products that only last three to six months and produce water mixed with ozone which is very unhealthy.

Shower Filters – more incredible water – wall mounted – $130.00 (filter-$53.00) – Hand Held system – $156.00 (filter -53.00)

Next we have the shower filters – one is mounted on the wall in the normal manner and the other is hand held. Since our skin is our largest organ, every time we have a hot shower or tub bath, our pores open and we are absorbing whatever the municipality has put into our water supply. Both come with filters so when you have a hot bath or shower, you are NOT absorbing any of the chemicals the municipality uses for their water quality. It is amazing how much healthier your hair, nails and skin will feel after bathing in PiMag water. Your dog will love being bathed with the PiMag water. The dog’s fur will smell great and be so silky making it much easier for grooming. If you like to sit and soak in the tub, I recommend the hand-held unit. Just take the shower head, lay it on the bottom of the tub, turn on the water and let the tub fill to your desired depth. You will enjoy soaking much more when you are NOT absorbing the municipal chemicals and the hand held makes it very easy to rinse the tub when cleaning. The health of your skin will thank you. Both the wall mounted and hand held units have their own filters. These filters can also be put on a wellness subscription saving you on the cost. The hand-held filters are recommended to be changed every three months, whereas the wall mount is recommended every 6 months.  An additional filter comes with the wall mounted unit and two extra filters come with the hand-held unit, when ordering as a pack.


Sport Bottle- providing more incredible water -$76.00 (filter replacements – 2 filters, 2 caps – $60.00


Click here for a very interesting you tube video by Dr. Lindner on bottled water – https://youtu.be/fNhnB-OwrDo

I mentioned the water from the waterfall is the most incredible water ever. Well the water from the sport bottle is no exception.

I never leave home without this portable water bottle. It is a very important component when travelling, particularly to locations where it is common to have bowel challenges. The PiMag Sport Bottle removes the concern about drinking healthy water, no matter your location. It is easy to use and convenient.  It has the same technology as the larger unit and can be refilled from tap or bottled water. I have done a number of demonstrations proving bottled water is acidic, not to mention the small plastic particles found in the water that has been mentioned in the media. I have tested over 13 different brands and they were ALL acidic.  I tested inexpensive bottled water up to and including very expensive bottled water. There was no exception due to price. The bottle has a filter in the neck of the bottle, a convenient spout for drinking and a loop you can hang on your belt, purse, backpack or bike etc. When driving, it is easy to drink without having to tilt your head. In time, probably a few years, you may want to replace the bottle. You would dispose of the Sport Bottle in the soil, make sure it is covered and it will biodegrade. As it breaks down, it is putting nutrients back into the soil. Yes, it is BPA free. It comes with two extra filters.

As more and more towns, cities and communities ban single use plastic bottles, the Nikken PiMag Sport Bottle is a great choice. When you break down the cost of use, it works out to 10 cents on the dollar. You would replace the filter after about 250 uses or every three months of daily use.

Taking advantage of the PiMag water products will contribute very quickly to your feeling of well being and help promote your journey to a healthy body. It is my belief this is the best water ever.


Nikken Water Bottle


The new improved PiMag Sport bottle is not just a state-of-the-art water filter, but also a health product crucial to an Active Wellness lifestyle. The new filter has the ability to significantly reduce certain harmful pathogens in potable drinking water. It’s also a green choice: You won’t be adding to landfills and polluting ocean waters with plastic. Instead, you’ll be saving a fortune by not paying for commercially bottled water. Drink municipally treated water, but make sure it’s safe!

• The new PiMag Sport Bottle is the only water bottle that combines three technologies: nano-filtration, alkalization and de-clustering.
• The patent pending nano-filtration technology was originally developed for NASA and dramatically increases the filter’s ability to reduce potential contaminants from drinking water, now including pathogens and micro-plastics.
• The patent-pending alkalizing media increases the pH from 7 to 8.5, representing a 15 to 25 fold increase in pH value, going from an acidic to an alkaline range. Alkaline water decreases oxidation-reduction potential and helps offset the effects of harmful free radicals.
• Four 4,600+ gauss neodymium magnets help de-cluster the water, improving bioavailability to the body’s cell structure because smaller clusters of water molecules are easier to absorb.
• Environmentally responsible: Both bottle and filter can be recycled.
• Bottle made with Bio-treated LDPE plastic from patented Biogreen materials that contain EcoPure®, an additive that enables it to be completely broken down into biomass that nourishes soil, and biogas that can be harvested for energy use.
•FDA Food Contact Safe and BPA-, DEHA- and DEHP-free. 
• Unaffected by light, heat or humidity.
• Filter components are replaceable, to extend the life of the bottle, further reducing the impact on landfill waste caused by disposable water bottles.
• Improves taste of water in an eco-friendly manner.
• New improved replaceable flip top drinking spout is more convenient and sanitary and has a loop that can attach to a hook, belt, backpack or lanyard.
• Sport grip for easy handling.

Particulates (clarity, sediment): exceeds standard
Chlorine reduction: exceeds standard
Chloramine reduction: exceeds standard
Taste and odor reduction: exceeds standard
Cyst reduction: exceeds standard
Lead reduction: exceeds standard
Bacteria reduction: exceeds standard (more than 99.99%) 
VOCs : exceeds standard
MTBE: exceeds standard

PiMag Water Technology, patent-pending nano-filtration, patent-pending alkalizing media, de-clustering, patented Biogreen materials for bottling

CAPACITY: 21 ounces / 621 ml

FILTER LIFE: Up to an estimated 250 refills per filter; approximately 40 gallons or 3 months of average use.
13503 Replacement Filter Pack

EcoPure® will not alter the integrity of the base plastic resins. EcoPure® treated, biodegradable plastics will maintain their original look, durability, and shelf life until the product has been disposed of in a landfill environment.

EcoPure®’s formula was developed by engineers to activate in the presence of landfill-specific microbes and enzymes. This means that the organic additive only starts allowing the breaking down of plastic when it has reached its end of life destination – disposal in a landfill.

So Easy to give a young child a drink of healthy water while on the go.


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