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  Nikken posted: ” To breathe is to live! The quality of air we breathe is so important that it impacts us even before we are born; the air a pregnant woman inhales is the air that transfers into the womb where new life is formed. Studies conducted through the National Institute of Health “
To breathe is to live! The quality of air we breathe is so important that it impacts us even before we are born; the air a pregnant woman inhales is the air that transfers into the womb where new life is formed.

Studies conducted through the National Institute of Health’s (NIH) Child Health and Human Development division, suggest minimizing exposure to air pollution during pregnancy, infancy and early childhood — all key periods for brain development. Studies have linked exposure to common air pollutants in pregnancy to low birthweight, preterm birth and stillbirth. Exposure to poor air after birth has an even greater effect on developmental risks. A few studies have found a higher risk of autism and of lower cognitive functioning in children living near freeways.1

When we think about air quality, we generally bring up images of smog and industrial pollution or exhaust from vehicles in traffic. In reality, indoor air impacts young children more because many sleep 12 or more hours inside homes. Two of the deadliest issues that low IAQ [Indoor Air Quality] bring to children are allergens and asthma. They are exposed to particulates of dust, dirt, smoke, and pollen which often settle on the furniture inside the home. By getting rid of these types of airborne particles through effective air filtration, we can reduce or eliminate their ill-effects on children and help them maintain a healthy respiratory system.

Children face special risks from air pollution because their lungs are growing and because they are so active and breathe more rapidly than adults. Just like the arms and legs, the largest portion of a child’s lungs will grow long after birth. Eighty percent of their tiny air sacs develop after birth. Those sacs, called the alveoli, are where the life-sustaining transfer of oxygen to the blood takes place. In addition, the body’s defenses that help adults fight off infections are still developing in young bodies. Children have more respiratory infections than adults, which also seems to increase their susceptibility to air pollution.2

As children grow, they end up spending increasingly more hours outdoor, but during the first five years, indoor air quality impacts them most. Household cleaning products, dust mites, central air systems, pet dander and even chemical air fresheners can cause allergic reactions. And if there is a smoker in the family, that is the worst air polluter of all. According to the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, allergies can lead to hives, eczema, asthma, infections and more.

Asthma affects more than 230 million people around the globe and is the most chronic disease among children.3 Underdiagnosed and undertreated because people think of it as a simple breathing problem, it can be serious enough to be life-threatening and is the cause of more than 10 million school absences a year in the U.S. alone.4 Asthma occurs everywhere in the world but can be exacerbated not only by poor air quality but also by humidity levels and genes. It’s estimated that a child with a parent who has asthma is three to six times more likely to develop asthma than a child with parents who are not asthmatic.5

May is National Asthma & Allergy Awareness month and May 3 was World Asthma Day. During the entire month of May, various organizations, including the Global Initiative for Asthma (GINA), the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA) and others, drive public awareness campaigns to educate the world about the importance of clean air.6

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We can practice Active Wellness as a Global Wellness Community and individually, every day. We can commit to keeping joints mobile, maintaining muscle flexibility and exercising mental agility. Staying hydrated, eating healthy food, drinking alcohol conservatively, exercising consistently and getting restful sleep are all necessary to keep the numbers in check. Health resolutions challenge us to stick to them. Here are five tips to help achieve health resolutions:

1.         Listen to your body. Dr. Nikole Benders-Hadi says, “By consciously listening to your body you are better able to discover what your body actually wants and what makes you feel healthier. You may be surprised to learn you need more sleep or need to drink more water or eat healthier.”1

2.         Find an exercise you really like. Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo says, “Every New Year, people spend a lot of money on gym memberships, workout studio memberships, and online fitness programs. Even though most people start strong, most of them fail to turn their new routine into a long-term habit. Even so, there are ways to improve your odds of sticking to your exercise goals. To begin, pick an activity that you will enjoy and that fits into your schedule.”2

3.         Take time for self-care. Putting ourselves higher up on our priority lists can have a beneficial impact on our well-being. We can really help others better when we are in good shape ourselves. Dr. Candice Seti says, “Self-care can be about scheduling time for yourself, planning fun or relaxing activities, or focusing on healthy behaviors. For example, “I am going to eat four whole-foods based meals a week. Or, “I’m going to take 10,000 steps for five of the next seven days.”3

4.Just cut down on the “bad’ and up the “good” a little bit at a time. Don’t withhold. Some people are able to give up sugar completely or walk three miles a day every day. Know yourself and set your goals accordingly. Aim to keep the scoreboard of healthy behaviors on the plus side and commit to doing better a little bit every day.

5.         Check out PiMag® products for hydration, True Elements® Marine Organic skin care for state-of-the-art COSMOS certified formulas, KenkoAir Purifier® for filtered indoor air, and Kenzen® organic nutrition for smart supplementation. Nikken can help you stick to your health resolutions!

Remember to change your water and air filters to keep your units functioning optimally and take advantage of our four special January packs that each contain a bonus item when you purchase a PiMag® Waterfall filter cartridge and a KenkoAir Purifer® HEPA filter in the same order.

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Heathy Living Trends for 2022


Healthy living trends for 2022 are becoming more prevalent.  With the current health situation worldwide, it’s no surprise that staying as healthy as possible will continue to be top priority this year. Not only do we need to consume fruits and vegetables, we have other steps we can take to promote the health of our families. That priority has been the premise for each Nikken product in every category, whether it’s nutrition, magnetic support, PiMag® water or clean air, since the company began more than 46 years ago.

What are some of the health areas that people may focus on in the year 2022 in addition to eating vegetables and fruit?

• According to the international health insurance company BUPA, Google searches for “gut health” are up by 83% and they predict more people will focus on it in 2022.The Nikken organic nutritional supplements that address this are Kenzen Lactoferrin® 2.0, Kenzen® Cleanse & Detox and Kenzen Vital Balance®. All three contain prebiotics and/or probiotics that enhance gut health.

• Some health experts predict that people will pay closer attention to their mental health in 2022. Mental health affects how the brain functions, and is also a byproduct of our individual ways of responding to stress. Relaxing strategies such as spending more time in green spaces or practicing self-care to reduce stress will continue to be a priority in 2022.You can also take nutritional supplements that support brain health such as Kenzen® Clarity, a fermented blend of 100% organic ingredients formulated to help you stay focused and mentally sharp, designed to help maximize your cognitive function.

• The “green generation” of healthcare is growing. Green health professionals blend healthcare with an understanding of the environmental changes that affect people’s health in different parts of the world. They provide healthcare while advocating for the environment.3 Everyone understands the need for clean air and water for optimal health, and Nikken provides the stellar KenkoAir Purifier®, PiMag Waterfall® and PiMag® Sport Bottle that help us decrease our carbon footprint by minimizing plastic waste. Replacing the filters of these components keeps them in top shape for years. Through January 31st, check out our filters replacement promotion where you can get a bonus item whenever you purchase one KenkoAir HEPA filter and one PiMag Waterfall filter together.

• Plant-based-eating articles and meal plans were up 31% in 2021 and it is expected to grow even more as more people choose to eat healthier and more sustainably.4

• Perennial (as opposed to annual) grains like kernza (a new type of wheat) will explode. That is a good thing when it comes to fighting climate change, because perennial grains develop deeper root systems than annuals, and these deep roots help prevent soil erosion and trap harmful greenhouse gases underground, keeping them out of the atmosphere.5

• Kelp and seaweed will make their way into all kinds of products, not just food. Although common to many cultures, farming kelp has been found to pull carbon out of the atmosphere.Known as a great source of minerals, such as potassium, iron, calcium, and magnesium, seaweed is also rich in antioxidants and vitamins. A great example of using seaweed not just as food is the improved line of True Elements® Marine Organic Skin Care. A variety of seaweeds are ingredients in these advanced formulations.

• A “new school” of vitamins and supplements will evolve in 2022. Known as “smart” and “forward-thinking” supplements, they not only effectively address nutritional sufficiency but also nurture specific areas of health, from our cells to the whole body. The advancements range from delivery format and options that consider our personalized genetic makeup to strategic ingredient combinations, environmental sustainability, and more.7 Nikken began using this smart, forward-thinking approach in formulating nutritional supplements years ago. Examples include the smart use of fermented ingredients in Kenzen Clarity, the natural stress relievers such as the adaptogen Ashwagandha, turmeric extract and Shisandra in Kenzen® Cleanse & Detox and the “bone buddies” delivery system of Kenzen Calcium Complex and Kenzen BDZ for optimal calcium absorption.



In essence, 2022 is the year that asks each of us how to become healthier and stronger personally while respecting and working together with the environment. At Nikken, we pledge to use and share what we learn to build a bigger, healthier and environmentally-conscious Global Wellness Community!

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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Most everyone, is either personally concerned or knows someone who is in panic mode regarding Covid 19.  Here are some steps to take to help your body be healthier. We face many different illnesses and viruses every winter season. Yes, this year is unprecedented, however, there are simple steps to take to give you and your family the best chance to build your immunity and remain in good health. The obvious steps are, wash your hands frequently, wear a mask and practice  personal distancing.

There is so much being shared via social media, television, radio and newspapers, it is hard to determine what is the best thing we can do ourselves, as prevention against any disease and currently the fear of  Covid 19.

I am NOT personally panicked. For years, I have practiced preventative measures with natural and organic nutritional products to support and build up a healthy immune system. I have been successful with this plan and have only had a nasty cold once in the last 16 years.

 Besides the obvious task of washing your hands frequently – here are some other key factors in prevention of any illness or virus.

PROPER HYDRATION:  One wouldn’t necessarily think of hydration as being part of prevention. However, in listening to several experts, one of the hazards of NOT being hydrated is, the mucosal membrane in our mouths, throat and noses, invites the virus to embed itself into the mucosa. Our skin, being our largest organ, if it is dry, there is no barrier to prevent the virus from entering within our body. Hydration is the very first step in prevention by putting up a barrier for the virus to intrude into our system.

Secondly, as part of hydration, bottled water, some filtered waters and tap waters are acidic. If your internal system is acidic, it loses the capability of fighting off disease. In fact, an acidic internal system invites disease of any kind to set up housekeeping. The ideal, is to drink alkaline water. This step alone, gives the body a fighting chance to fight back any illness trying to get established.

There is a company that has technologies, derived from nature, capable of turning acidic water into alkaline. The water you would use could be bottled water or tap water. The technology takes a water source and changes it from acid water to alkaline water but even as important, it adds essential minerals to the water for better health. The water structure is also changed so as you drink it, it is immediately absorbed.

You can test if your body is dehydrated. Take a pinch of skin on your hand, pull it up and then release it. If it doesn’t immediately return to the original position, you are dehydrated. Once hydrated, the skin will return immediately, without hesitation to the original position. The formula for proper hydration is, drink half your body weight in ounces.

Proper hydration is the first step to take to help your body be healthier under any circumstances and give it a chance to fight off illnesses and viruses.

If interested in knowing more about this water technology, please connect with me and I will share the details. This system does not require electricity or plumbing to operate and is totally portable – in fact you can take it anywhere. There is also a portable bottle version.

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This same company has developed “natural, organic” nutritional products that promote a healthy immune system.

You may or may not be familiar with the immune benefits of mushrooms. This company’s immunity product contains 14 different mushrooms,  six of them proprietary to this formulation, all contributing to building up the immune system.

This is another step to take to help support your body against illness.. This year, as a matter of interest, this product has been the best selling product in our inventory. Many many people have come to rely on this product for years to boost their immune system by consuming it on a regular basis to keep their immune system at optimum.

The product is aptly called “ IMMUNITY”


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The second product I would recommend is called Lactoferrin 2.0 and is integral in promoting gut health so you can better absorb healthy nutients as well as contributing to building the immune system.

If any of this information resonates with you and you wish to get more information for your protection and that of your family, I am more than happy to share more details.

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There is no obligation on your part to connect for information. However, I and my colleagues are confident we are “unlikely” to be hit by the latest scare due to practicing being pro-active and taking natural products as prevention. We can`t guarantee your results but we can say, by following this regime, your body has the very best chance to remain healthy. This is another highly effective step to take to help your body resist illnesses and viruses.

There are other nutritional products available from this same Japanese company that promote optimal health. I would be happy to share those as well.

Add to the above suggestions, a consistently good night’s sleep. Go to bed earlier and try to keep a consistent routine.  Good sleep is imperative to better health and fighting the challenges surrounding us on a daily basis.

It matters not what you’ve done in the past. What does matter, is what are you going to do going forward.

A public health doctor stated in an interview, the current situation will be with us for at least the next 18 months. Work is being done to develop a vaccine, however, even when they have one developed, it will take another six months in trials before any human will receive it.

PM me with your contact information if you are wishing to connect and discuss some options.