testimonials covering several different challenges.


Testimonial # 1 – J A

This gentleman was scheduled for surgery on his tongue. He had experienced two previous surgeries but the lesion came back. He was told he could potentially lose a third of his tongue. Worse case scenario, he might have to learn sign language. Best case scenario, he would need many months of speech therapy. He relayed how very frightened he was as he anticipated the surgery.

We loaned he and his wife one of our Japanese water technologies and one of our natural nutritional products. First we tested their water supply and discovered it was “highly” acidic. He started using the water and taking the nutritional on July 22. On August 10, he went to the surgeon’s for his pre-op blood work and examination. His surgery was scheduled for August 12. The surgeon was quite surprised, decided to cancel the surgery and told the gentleman to keep doing what he was doing. The water technology changed the structure of their water from acidic to alkaline. The Jade Green Zymes assisted in reducing the gentlemen’s internal acidity. We had a very happy and enthusiastic customer.

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Testimonial # 2

This same gentleman had an ongoing condition with his scalp. His scalp looked like a very severe case of cradle cap. This affected the gentleman enjoying social events due to the fact, large flakes would drop onto his shoulders, something that had made him very self-conscious. His wife relayed they had spent thousands of dollars over the years trying different remedies and prescriptions but without a lasting benefit. We recommended they try the shower head. This unit has the same technology as the drinking water unit. We couldn’t give any guarantees it would make a difference but once they installed the shower head, within 3 days, the situation had remedied itself. It is our and his belief, all these years he had been reacting to the municipal chemicals in the water. Once he could shower without the chemicals, his scalp problem was erased.


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Testimonial # 3 – CM

This young man had been diagnosed with a number of challenges. One of the biggest challenges was he hadn’t slept the night through in over 12 years. At one time, his family had to have a lock on their side of his dutch door to his bedroom. They couldn’t be sure he wouldn’t take off down the street in the middle of the night.  He struggled in school and one of his teachers told his mom he would never be able to live independently, he could not grasp numbers in spite of extra tutoring, and would be unable to handle any finances. We offered him the opportunity to try unique Japanese sleep technology, but again, we couldn’t guarantee his results. Right from the beginning, he slept the entire night, awakened in a cheerful mood and started showing great progress in school. Within a few weeks, he achieved 88% on a math exam and won an award. This young lad has progressed to holding down a part-time job while attending school, full time job in the summer, handling his own money and is now talking about going on to further his education in college. Quality sleep can contribute to so many positive benefits.How can you put a price on a “hopeful” future – one that seemed out of reach just a short time ago. Here is a very quick Video of Dr. Melanie Caldwell, a pediatrician, speaking at a conference about the benefits of the sleep system with her patients – Click Here


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Testimonial #4 – MA

This lady is highly allergic to dogs and cats. We were invited to visit often and they always asked us to bring our two dogs and our KenkoAir purifier. We were able to stay a day or two and our hostess never reacted to our pets as long as the KenkoAir Purifier was in the same room as she.



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This same lady, if she entered a home where there were no longer any pets, but dander possibly still present, she would still scratch until she drew blood. After she and her husband got their PiMag Waterfall, she carried a little spritzer bottle of Pi water with her, sprayed where she itched and the itch immediately disappeared.

Testimonial #5 – SR

This young man was injured on the job. He tore the soft tissue under the shoulder blade.  After several years of therapy and then surgery, unfortunately he was injured again on the job and surgery couldn’t repair the damage. For over 10 years he was unable to sleep through the night. If he had to go to the washroom through the night, it would take him forever to get back to sleep and often just about the time to get up for work. He was unable to find a comfortable position to be able to settle and was living on Tylenol # 3’s. Nikken launched the KenkoGround. He was given one for Christmas and in less than 10 days, he was sleeping through the night. He would also awaken without discomfort and stress in his neck and shoulders, which had been a constant in his life for years. Work would create more discomfort so upon arrival back home, he would go and use his KenkoGround again to lessen the discomfort of the work activity. He had quit all the acitivities he loved, bike riding, golf and other recreational activities but is now hopeful to at least return to some. He is definitely improving and finds the KenkoGround extremely beneficial.


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Testimonial #6 – Sundance Point B&B

The owners of the bed and breakfast, were approached by three couples, guests at the B&B. The guests asked if they could do an experiment with the PiMag water. They explained they were very curious about the water they themselves had been drinking and wanted to include the three cats and two dogs into the experiment to see which water the pets would drink.. They, with the help of the owners, set up 5 identical bowls of water. Each bowl had a different water source. One bowl had PiMag water, one had lake water, one had pond water, one had well water and the final bowl had town water.

For a period of about 6 hours, the couples watched the B&B pets and tracked which bowls of water they would drink. At one point they removed the PiMag water to see what the animal’s choice would be at that time. As long as the PiMag water was available, all the pets “only” drank that water. Once it was removed, the only water consumed was the pond water. The guests were “really” curious why the pet’s second choice would be the pond water. As soon as they replaced the PiMag water, the pets immediately returned to that water source.

Since Nikken researches and develops all the products through nature, the pond water most replicated nature in the technology. The water initially would come down a waterfall into a pond then it followed along a stream covered in rocks from nature and emptied into another pond. As it travelled, it was being bombarded by the sun and the wind then as it travelled over the rocks, it was picking up essential minerals. Lake, well and town water do not have access to nature’s bounty.

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